Here you find the complete product range as catalog data
      sheets in the pdf format with the most important data to      
      characteristics, remarks and technical explanations.      
      BAP 1 Flushing valves
      BAP 2 Draw-off penstocks
    BAP 3 Penstocks
    BAP 4 Sluice valves
    BAP 5 Stop gates
    BAP 6 Lowering penstocks
    BAP 7 Non-return valves
    BAP 8 Distributors
    BAP 9 Crests, overfall weirs
    BAP 10 Rebound plates, wall pipes, pipe fittings
    BAP 11 Regulating choke valves, controle valves
    BAP 12 Knife gate valves
    BAP 13 Gate valves
    BAP 14 Swing check valves
    BAP 15 Butterfly valves
    BAP 16 Flanged joints for pipes
    BAP 17 Flood control/ stop log systems
    BAP 99 Actuations
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