Gate valves  



BAP 13

Gate valves
    BAP 13.01      
          soft seated F4     Gate valves in different body types and overfall length.
          soft seated F5     Body made  of GG 25 (EN JL 1040), GGG 40 (EN JL 1030), 1.4408  or cast steel.
          hard seated F4       Overall length:
          hard seated F5       F4 (DIN 3202), basic series 14 (DIN 588-1)  
              F5 (DIN 3202-1), basic series 15 (DIN 588-1)  
           size from DN 50 up to DN 1800 and above  
          nominal pressure from PN 2 up to PN 100
            flange connection according EN 1092-2 PN 10
            soft (up to PN 50) or hard seated
          spindle also in stainless steel available
          simple mounting and maintenance
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