Float throttle device  




BAP 11

Float throttle device
    BAP 11.01      
    BAP 11.02     BAP float throttle device is a perfected conception on throttle and
    BAP 11.18     control the storage level regulation. Mainly used for the outllet of rain
    BAP 11.40/50     catchment basins, channels and sewage plant inlets.
          BAP float throttle device are made of stainless steel in combination
          with high quality polymers like PA and POM.  
             Advances towards classic regulation devices:
             no difference of water level nessesary    
          the regulation device works automatically, diversions are eliminated by its self
          works without electric power    
          constant nominal discharge, max +/- 3,5% from the calculated run-off
          nominal discharge changeable
          simple mounting and maintenance

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